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Here's Jim Carrey On A School Bus With A High School Baseball Team

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So last Tuesday, Iowa's Pella High School baseball team played their final game of the regular season against Fairfield. They got smoked, 7-1. After their loss, they stopped at a Fairfield Burger King for ice cream. This is where our story begins.


Because also at that Burger King on that fateful day was Jim Carrey, who'd traveled to Iowa either to take a class in transcendental meditation or spend a day at an Ayurveda health spa. After a whole day of chilling, we guess he wanted a Whopper or something, and subsequently decided to buy one.

The players thought it was Jim Carrey, and started to speak to him, but Pella head coach Jesse Jablonksi wasn't sure because they were at a random Burger King in a random town in a random flyover state few Americans (and therefore, humans) could confidently locate on a map. But apparently, he became sure it was Carrey because of "those unmistakable facial expressions when he talks." We all know them.


Carrey's a little past his heyday as a superstar, but Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective are American classics, and so the kids knew who he was. After some frolicking (because that's how we imagine every Carrey interaction), the actor suggested they take a picture on the bus.

Just before the photo was taken, Carrey reportedly yelled, "WHO ARE THE FUCKING WINNERS NOW?" while holding up seven fingers.

Pella went on to lose in the first round of the conference playoffs last night to Norwalk, 3-2.

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