Dead Letters: Steph Curry Is A "Garbage Human Being" Edition

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This morning, we brought you Steph Curry’s turnaround thunderbolt against the Phoenix Suns. It was a great shot, but according to this reader who emailed me 20 minutes after our article was published, it was actually extremely problematic and we should stop covering him. Also, I am like 90 percent sure he is trying to draw a parallel between Curry and Donald Trump, which, if so, is an impressive feat of logical gymnastics.

Subj: Keep drinking that steph bullshit

From: [Redacted], 11:34 a.m.

To: Patrick Redford

For the record I am not a fan of basketball or have a team I root for. I find it stomach wrenching to watch golden state. Steph curry is ruining the game of basketball and while he’s doing it inspiring a generation of (young kids) that intently watch to be just like him, just as arrogant, classless and fucking rude. Back when I played sports and all the way into college athletics I never played with anyone as audacious and swag like fucking arrogant as that cocky motherfucker. If those kind of antics went on in the sports I played he would have walked off the court with a broken leg by now. Everyone is to scare to foul him, he’s not that fast where he can blow by people, it’s like Adam silver sent a memo out to the league saying please do not touch steph on his way to the rim. He would have been fucked up and destroyed in another basketball era. I’d love to see wilt shit all down the basketball family tree that steph is trying to look up.

Keep writing stories and glorifying his bullshit antics. Please inspire my children one day to act like this piece of garbage that the media is glorifying. He’s a 3rd rate player at best that can spot up and shoot a 3 point shot. I saw kids at my school on the special Olympics basketball team make every 3 pt shot attempted in games, if you want the game of basketball to stay interesting then you should be rooting for the demise of golden state and steph curry. Hope he breaks his fucking ankle next time he “shimmys” and opposing bench. Nobody in the country cares anymore just look at the presidential election, everyone has bought into the popularity contest and not giving a shit about the real issues. The same goes with steph he can do whatever he wants and be as cocky and arrogant and talk shit behind everyone’s back yet everyone thinks this big asshole his a bundle of roses and ray of sunshine.

It’s like a disease in the country with steph curry, but if we only knew the real steph and looked behind his mask he wears to fool us all, he really is a garbage human being, with no respect and no class, sad to see he couldn’t learn from his dad and be a classy individual.

But hey I know your probably laughing at this email with your deadspin staff of bandwagon curry and golden state lovers so enjoy his 1 year fluke run of bullshit, and enjoy watching him crash and burn come playoff time.

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