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Dead Letters: "Tell That To Some Of The People That Really Live In Hell"

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Drama

From: Pet Pepper Tounge

To: Tom Ley

Just read a very small portion of your Roy Moore editorial. “We live in hell” is a bit much. Tell that to some of the people that really live in hell. I don’t even feel the need to elaborate. I am not supporting Roy Moore and his alleged behavior.


Subject: Judge Roy Moire [sic]

From: Mark Tercsak

To: Tom Ley

Judge Roy Moore.

I Am not from his state, I donot not know him,

As far as I know never met him in my life.

The headline of the ARTICLE States the accusations against Judge Moore are creditable.

I saw, hogwash.

Where is the incriminating evidence?

All there is , is decades old allegations with no support .

Let’s take the alleged Victim 1, the so called Republican, she makes her way to the podium with her Attorney , interesting how Gloria Alred is her attorney, she is a card carrying member of the Demo-Ratic party. Hell she is more like a mob lawyer, than a Lawyer.

Now this alleged victim claims she was 14 , when this incident happened.

Why did she not tell her parents or inform adults, why did she not go to authorities back then and do not give me the standard PR bull shit.

Than we have the high school year book , which she Alleges, then Rob Moore signs?

Ok Judge Moore’s attorney says ok , Gloria let’s meet and make arrangements for this year book to be turned over to an independent third party.

As far as I know that was never done.

Moore’s Attorney stated he wanted the book turned over to an independent third party , so they could hire a handwriting expert, to verify the accusers alleviation that Moore signed this year book, Moore contends if their is a signature in the book it’s not his , thus it’s a forgery.

To date the year book has not been turned over.

In fact the legal team for this lady , hired a professor to say, that there is no way to verify Judge Moore’s signature as being authentic or a forgery.

Total bull shit.

This lady along with her attorney lied , when she stated she has not seen Judge Moore in forty years.

Judge Moore said that statement was not true he had seen her, he presided over her 1999 divorce as a County Circut Judge.

Judge Moore ran for elected office on more than one occasion, at the State level and not one single time did any of these ladies come forward to accuse Judge Moore?


Judge Moore became a justice in the State Supreme Court , if Ian not mistaken, and was he not removed illegally from office for refusing to order the removal of the Ten Comandments? Yet not a peep from these women about Moore?


Not a single police report or investigation?

I find most interesting.

You also fail to remember my friend we reside in a Constitutional Representative Republic.

Under our system of Government, there is a presumption of innonce until proven guilty BEYOUND a reasonable doubt, by a jury of your peers.

Let’s keep in mind something else here , even today, not one single woman has yet to go to the authorities to launch an official complaint

Against the Judge?

Why is that?

Because I will tell you why, this is the Borg-Collective an alliance of New World Order Republicans and Bolshevik Democrats , who wish to oust any one wishing to work with Trump.

This is a modern day assassination tool.

They manufactured these women and their stories.

What they did not count on was their Sexaul Harassment weapon coming back home to roost and biting them right in the Ass!

Starting with Hollywood, now John Conyers,

Who used a secret government public slush fund to pay his victims, by doing so he addmitted guilt

Than you have Franken and in this case there is actual evidence groping a sleeping lady, and multiple witnesses.

None of which yet exists in the Moore case.

Why Are you not covering the real story about how Congress crated a secret slush fund using our money to pay for their crimes.?


Subject: Hell

From: Chris B.

To: Tom Ley

Reading your lazy & biased articles is very much like living in hell

Subject: Hi Tom

From: Zach Cross

To: Tom Ley

Hi Tom,

Can you give a message to Doug Jones? Also, Was Doug Jones being serious when he said Roy Moore’s likely going to win because we live in hell?

Do you know who covers Pop Music mainly Katy Perry for Deadspin?



Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Tablet

Subject: Living in hell

From: Mike Ogren

To: Tom Ley

Who the fuck is stopping you and all the other garbage at deadspin root and all the other whiny fake news organizations from going to a better more liberal country? JUST sick of you assholes.

Sent on the new Sprint Network

Subject: (no subject)

From: Chester Griffith

To: Tom Ley

The protest are about the national Anthem if you ever done anything but set behind a desk you know what it is to respect the flag

Subject: (no subject)

From: Yvonne Renfro

To: Tom Ley

No evidence of truth on allegations. U believe because u choose to. So much for seeking truth...u decided to pick the low fruit.


Subject: Live in hell

From: John Zumbrunnen

To: Tom Ley

Don’t let things get to u snowflake things will be just fine

Subject: Humoring Liberals

From: Christopher Boomhower

To: Tom Ley

Liberal bitch.

Subject: Roy Moore

From: keys1248d

To: Tom Ley

We are sending Judge Moore to Washington. Learn to Whistle Dixie.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Subject: (no subject)

From: Jerome Terhaar

To: Tom Ley

You are an idiot. I do not subsidize football to watch multimillionaire, arrogant uneducated athletes, who make hideous amounts money to chase little brown balls around in muddy grass, make political statements.


Subject: Oh my!

From: Steven Cohen

To: Tom Ley

Hey Tom: You are a complete fucking moron. I think it would have been better if your mama was pro abortion. Now that you’re here though, with the rest of us, try not to worry. You may not have to be on earth much longer. There are rumors that the mothership will come back to earth, and return you to your mother planet. Until that day arrives, keep doing the magic mushrooms. They will provide you with the psychedelic comfort you most obviously require.

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Subject: Roy Moore

From: Eric Robinson

To: Tom Ley

Sir there is no place for cursing on media reports. Yes you have freedom of speech however if you can’t get you point across without cursing then it’s a sad day for journalism.


Subject: hard to believe

From: Alan Hochfeld

To: Tom Ley

This is the first time you lefties care about protecting women and children from creeps like Roy Moore because you are willing to throw Franken and Conyers under the bus because you know that the swamp things like you and your ilk are getting slaughtered by the fact that America is BOOMING MORE THAN EVER. You also know if the tax cut goes as expected Swamp will be drained when our president gets another 4 years. Also... under Cuomo you godless creeps were against Megan’s law and always for the 3rd trimester murder of babies. You most certainly are for garnering the 12 million votes from unregistered undocumented immigrants and thus you and your socialist godless swamp creatures would even protect a repeat offender of 5X deported felon Garcia Zarate when he Killed Ms. Steinle as she lay in a pool of blood being held by her broken hearted father.

My day is coming when I have my interview with Jesus he knows my heart and yours be ready my brother. I pray for swamp creatures.


Subject: (no subject)

From: Casey Millison

To: Tom Ley

You stupid son of a bitch the hell You’re experiencing is nothing like the hell of eight years of that liberal bastard Obama suck it up


Subject: Your articles

From: Gator

To: Tom Ley

Your articles are pathetically juvenile. Can you please author something that is factual without using profanity? No real journalist needs obscenities to make legitimate points. I enjoy reading the news and understanding different perspectives and points of views from my own but we should have truly matured beyond the locker room and playground mentality and language.



Subject: (no subject)


To: Tom Ley

Well, found out quickly what an awhole reporter you ate. Will never you garbage again.


Subject: You dumbass!!

From: John Gustin

To: Tom Ley

Anyone with any sense knows the players were not in fact protesting the national anthem, but the fact the they were protesting while the national anthem was playing gives the obvious conclusion that they are protesting what the national anthem is all about. And the fact that idiots like you don’t realize is that most people are proud of what this country is about and what it stands for. And the thing that really pisses people off is that those same athletes have gotten rich because of the freedoms this country stands for. If they want to protest what they think are injustices to the black community then find a way to protest that in a way that doesn’t look like your throwing the middle finger to everything this country stands for and everyone who has sacrificed for those freedoms they enjoy.


I’ve forwarded links to your asinine article to as many of my conservative friends and publications as I can so they can all see how stupid you liberals really are.

And where were all of you moral police when Clinton was out raping and sexually offending women back in the 90s? You hypocritical asswipe!!


Subject: Roy Moore

From: Eric Porter

To: Tom Ley

Multiply and credibily accused? Really?? I don’t think so! Outspent 20:1 but the Soros Bezos Washington Post hit squad... Maybe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Subject: Latest Hit Piece

From: concerned san

To: Samer Kalaf


Let me start off by asking - how do you sleep at night knowing you’re the epitome of fraudulent journalism? Truly, how do you lay your head down, close your eyes, and then wake up 8 hours later knowing you’re stretching the truth to make accusations that tarnish people’s careers? You’re a disgusting, vile, repulsive, hypocritical human being and I truly hope you get what’s coming to you. Aren’t you embarrassed? Did you go to college, have your parents (or yourself) pay for schooling so you could do this kind of work? I understand absolutely everything about “working for clicks.” Needing to “protect your job” by “reporting news.” But stooping as low as to compare someone (albeit veiled) to a pedophile? Being a member of the media, don’t you understand what kind of accusation that is? Especially in today’s political climate? I would be mortified. It’s absolutely shocking that you aren’t ashamed of yourself. What would your mother say? Your father? Your grandparents? I am at an absolute loss of words to describe the level of disgrace you should be feeling and receiving.

Sleep well. We’re all watching, waiting and expecting you to receive everything you deserve.


Subject: Ignorant ass hole

From: Gary Maple

To: Billy Haisley

Fuck off. You don’t get it.

Subject: Poor journalism

From: flexordigitorumsuperficialis

To: Billy Haisley

Just as uneducated people, with limited vocabularies, use profanity as a substitute for making an articulate point, so do writers who lack the ammunition to support their premise, resort to listing the physical flaws of their target.

His physical appearance has nothing to do with the merit of his political stance, or your assertion that he’s a hypocrite. Too bad you don’t have the necessary writing skills to make a convincing argument.

Making a laundry list of his age-related flaws is really scraping the bottom of the journalistic barrel.

I’m am amateur bodybuilder, so there’s a good chance your body would pale by comparison to mine. If I knew that to be the case, I wouldn’t need to mention it, to make my point.

I would simply rely on my ability to string RELEVANT words together.

You are an embarrassment.

Subject: Boy how much you Worth

From: walt burgess

To: Billy Haisley

I’ll bet you by the time you get as old as Jerry Jones but you won’t you won’t even have $1 million in the bank. You have no respect for the country you have no respect for the flag.for a dumbass that has a pen that he can do May be a couple hundred thousand if you’re lucky boy. That’s why your writer not a player. You keep writing boy, but what does a boy writer make a year 25/40 grand your family must be proud you’re in the big leagues. Your mouth can write the check but your body can’t cash the check. Keep writing boy keep writing. You’ll still be worth nothing at the end.

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: I thought you were somebody

From: walt burgess

To: Billy Haisley

I still know who you are a jack ass, what’s up your not worth you only register as an asshole. But correct me if I’m wrong. You don’t even have a reading on the Internet is the net worth. Again an asshole with a pen mommy and daddy would be proud. Well maybe one day when you’re making the big boy you’re having that with on the Internet. Until then try to respect the flag and try to respect the anthem, might do you good.

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Commas

From: Cameron D

To: David Roth

Use enough of ‘em? Fuckin’ hell man you used one in every sentence to start that Al Pacino thing for a long time. “In a lot of ways, getting old is fine.” You don’t need a comma there. “But you see the point, by now” No comma needed. “The Devil’s Advocate is, in retrospect, the sort of film that doesn’t get made anymore” Coulda put “The Devil’s Advocate in retrospect is the sort of film that doesn’t get made anymore.”

This is middle school level writing. Proof read. You use a comma in almost every sentence in that article, sometimes two. It makes it awkward and jarring to read.



From: Brian Hennessy

To: Dom Cosentino

You are a liberal Douchebag implying Taylor is being held to a higher standard than white quarterbacks. I believe he was the inept signal caller in the losses to the jets and saints. The guy sucks as a qb and you suck too!

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Your soft

From: Jerry Pitkavish

To: Barry Petchesky

Grow a set they playing football.

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: You are a Pussy

From: Phil Burk

To: Barry Petchesky

You are a Pussy

Subject: Olympics are for humans not horses

From: rebecca

To: Patrick Redford

look im not going to be mean because obviously you are very uneducated. but honestly though have you ever actually rode a horse? and i mean rode a horse not went on a 10 dollar trail ride at some tourist trap. have you ever woken up at 4:30 im the morning to go ride and work so hard. have you ever trained so hard every day to go to a show and crash through a jump on a 1500 pound animal? i doubt it. have you ever experienced trying to control an animal that ways 10 times as much as you. have you ever experienced a bound so strong with an animal that you cant even talk to. no is the answer you have for all of those questions. once you try riding a horse over a 6 ft jump trying to stay on and making sure your horse is safe while making sure you dont die because trust me you can die the you can talk. im sorry but you are a very stupid person. take it from a world champion honey


Subject: (no subject)

From: Steve Hawley

To: Samer Kalaf

Saner. Is that Hindu? Or douche bag?

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