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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Dead Letters: Tim Tebow Should Sue Your Dick In-Taking Ass For This Filthy Piece Of Garbage Full Of Lies.
Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Youre a fag

From: Nick Colace
To: Drew Magary

Go Pats

Subject: Are you mentally challenged???

From: Leah (Tbauxing15)
To: Jack Dickey

Cam Newton was GONE from FL when Tebow was awarded the Heisman. And he was ‘invited’ to leave after not once...not twice...but THRICE committing the act of theft. You know...kinda like ‘his daddy’/the one armed man did at Auburn. Tim Tebow should sue your dick in-taking ass for this filthy piece of garbage full of lies. Hysterical.


Subject: junk

From: Charlie
To: Jack Dickey

With everything going on in sports knock Tim ? I guess that reaching.

Subject: is a wannabe deadspin!!!

From: Tonya Ashons
To: The Staff

THEY SWEATING YOU SON!!!!!!!!!! [Click to enlarge.]

Illustration for article titled Dead Letters: Tim Tebow Should Sue Your Dick In-Taking Ass For This Filthy Piece Of Garbage Full Of Lies.

Subject: User Comments??

From: Matthew Vicars
To: The Staff

What happened with the comment section on your site?? Do you guys just allow any fucking idiots to post shit now?? You guys used to be better then this.....

Sent from my iPad

Subject: Subject Deadspin Redskins Blog...

From: Virgilrw
To: Drew Magary

Hey Drew,
I just stumbled onto this major losers blog! Lol So what do you losers have to say about our 5 game winning streak and first place in the NFC East Ranking!!! Smh ha ha ha!!! And In 2 Games Soon To Be NFC EAST CHAMPS!!! LEMOL (laughing even more out loud)!!! YOU LOSERS JUST MADE MY DAY!!!


Subject: Here is a tip

From: John Chilton
To: The Staff

You guys are a bunch of jerks and for some reason have a vendetta against Southern Miss. Why not try to find out the real story behind these issues instead of just throwing crap out there to get a quick read. Get a grip and then tell us the real reason that you are pushing these stories about a school that you keep saying doesn’t matter. Maybe you know the previous athletic director and are trying to make the new one look bad. Maybe we should find some real journalists to find out what the connection is with Deadspin and Southern Miss. What a bunch of jerks.

Sent from my iPad

Subject: Fat Chipper Jones Is Apparently No Longer Fat

From: Gary Keramidas
To: Dom Cosentino

How can you not figure out what’s wrong with the picture. The pole is stuck through the step stool with no way to get it out without taking it back apart.

Subject: Aquarium Owner

From: Belinda Knisley
To: Barry Petchesky

Good afternoon Barry,

We read your article about the aquarium breaking in Shanghai and were wondering if you could provide us with the name of the Mall spokesperson you quoted or the owner of the aquarium?

Kind regards, Belinda

American Sealants, Inc.
Belinda Knisley, Office Manager

Subject: Thanks!

From: Tom P.
To: Tim Burke

Hello Mr. Burke,

I just saw Book of Mormon a couple nights ago and heard you blowing in the pit (I’m not sure, but I think you played for the Les Miserables show a couple years back too). Either way, you rocked, and made both shows for me.


Subject: baby

From: Kelly
To: Jack Dickey

Hi John, remember me? You want to see my tits last time, and you give me this e-mail. So picture is there, if you can tell something about it, you promise me last time :)
[links redacted]
Ouu, I have to shorten the link, now you must wait 5 second and click yellow button ‘skip ad’ :)
If you don’t be the John i’m sorry, delete this message.


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