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As you know by now, American officials conducted a huge sting operation two nights ago that culminated in the arrest of a shitload of FIFA officials, all of whom were tied to numerous instances of bribery and outright corruption. Now, I think it’s safe to say that we all despise FIFA, and nothing pleases me more than seeing some bad guys get taken down by the long arm of DA LAW. But when the sugar rush wears off, isn’t it a bit weird that we’re allocating such massive resources to prosecute a crooked soccer tournament that’s being played halfway around the globe? Is this all just a wasteful dog-and-pony show, like the Congressional steroid hearings, especially without Sepp Blatter’s head on a platter? SHOULDN’T WE BE TAKING DOWN THE BANKS INSTEAD YO? That is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But there’s more! We have a very, very delicate conversation about what to do when your kids ask about the n-word. We also talk about the NBA concussion EPIDEMIC, the Texans on HBO, and we read some hate mail. There’s always good hate mail to be had, gang.


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