Nothing delights me more than when crazy people revisit sacred texts in an attempt to discover ancient prophecies about current NBA games. And a reader recently pointed us to one such sterling example, which is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

What separates this theory from your standard cockamamie horseshit is that the name David Blatt literally appears in the ancient text. We’ll let reader Jeremy explain:

I know this will sound really weird and I hope you all actually read this and don’t think this is some junk spam from some crazy religious (just some crazy, religious Cleveland sports fan). An Israeli comedian Hanoch Daum found this verse from the Bible that links David Blatt to Lebron James. It is from Samuel 1 Chapter 18 verse 22:

דַּבְּרוּ אֶל-דָּוִד בַּלָּט לֵאמֹר, הִנֵּה חָפֵץ בְּךָ הַמֶּלֶךְ, וְכָל-עֲבָדָיו אֲהֵבוּךָ

Here is a rough transliteration and translation:

Dibru el David blatt lay-mor, heene chafetz bcha hamelech, ve-kol avodav ohevucha

Commune with David secretly (blatt), and say, Behold, the king hath delight in thee, and all his servants love thee.

If this isn’t a sign for the Cavs winning it all and proof that Lebron and the rest of the Cavs approve of Blatt than I don’t know what is.

I included a screen shot from the comedian’s wall:


Damn. JUST AS THE BASKETBALL GODS FORETOLD! Join us as we attempt to verify this theory (we fail), and stick around for some quality hockey poop talk. If you have anything you’d like to hear discussed on the revived podcast, just send it in to with the subject line DEADCAST. You can listen to the show here or download it over at the iTunes store.

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