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Deadspin Field Trip: Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a real celebrity golf tournament? Yeah, neither have we. But because it's right next door to two major casinos, we are proud to report that Deadspin associate editor Rick Chandler, who does more work around here than people realize, is going to attend The American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Stateline, Nev., this week. The tournament gets underway on Friday, but practice rounds begin tomorrow, and that's when the fun commences. Now, be aware that when Rick says he's "going to attend," what he really means is "he knows where there's a hole in the fence large enough for a person to squeeze through."

Oh, and that Ben Roethlisberger is going to be in attendance, unveiling his new face for the first time in public. He'll mingle with American Century regulars such as John Elway, Michael Jordan and Steve Spurrier. Plus, Maury Povich and Cheech Marin will be there. And just for laughs, Dan Quayle. We hear that they tried to get Carl Monday, but he was busy, digging out gophers.

Plus, as always, heaping, gratuitous doses of Charles Barkley, whom we have seen in action with a golf club. We'd suggest that Big Ben wear a helmet.


Update: Lance Armstrong has just been added to the field. Sweet.

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