Deadspin Field Trip: The AJ Daulerio Going Away Roast

About a month ago, our own AJ Daulerio wrote, in his Cultural Oddsmaker column, that he dreamed of one day having a roast in his honor. Little did he know that the wheels were already in motion for that very thing.


You see, AJ Daulerio is leaving his loyal comrades in New York City this week for his hometown of Philadelphia, where he will be working for Philadelphia magazine. (Don't worry, Cultural Oddsmaker will continue.) So Friday night, we gathered for a surprise roast of the Deadspin cult hero who is, in fact, the balls.

We were the host of the gathering, but other roasters included Aileen Gallagher, Eric Gillin and Amy Blair of The Black Table, Lindsay Robertson, Matt Dorfman and Deadspin design savant Jim Cooke. Above are the video highlights of the evening, shot and edited by the outstanding Richard Blakeley.

If you're a regular Cultural Oddsmaker reader, you won't be surprised that AJ urinates on his roommate's computer, attempts to pick up girls with the promise of a "smoky tornado" and tries to stick suppositories in his anus while in cabs. We tried to hire Stuart Scott to join us, but he was too expensive. Witness the madness above.

Full pictures from the manic evening are found right here, and Daulerio's response to the evening is over at Gawker.


Good luck in Philly, Daulerio. Don't burn the place down.

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