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Deadspin I-Team: The Case Of Owen Wilson Urinating In Public


See that photo, I-Team? That's the guy from Marmaduke pissing on a golf course yesterday. Yes, he's wearing a Warriors shirt. But there is so much more to know, I-Team. That's where you come into play.

What do we know? We know he is golfing. We know that he is right-handed (the glove goes on your lead hand, perverts). We know his nose looks even more messed up in paparazzi pictures. We know there are multiple bags and a cart; he is not alone.


So, I-Team. Find out who was golfing with the guy from Shanghai Knights. Was it like one of those scenes in Entourage where they are golfing and Mark Walhberg rolls up and says hello before calling everybody pussies? Where did this misdemeanor occur? Was Drillbit Taylor reprimanded by a golf club official? How far away was the cameraman or is Owen Wilson the sort to urinate in public with no regard to onlookers? You get the point. I-Team, I-Spy your ways to the answers.

Owen Wilson went golfing yesterday, among other notable things [NBA Offseason]

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