Deadspin Is Your Alls Daddy, So Why Hate?

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You may know John Adams as the Founding Father who would one day support author David McCullough and his family for the better part of two decades. But that name also belongs to the current sports editor/columnist of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, John Adams, who has been notoriously critical of Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer for quite some time. Now, Tennessee has its Fulmer supporters, and its Adams supporters, and sometimes the give and take gets pretty funny. Adams' latest column ripping Fulmer was recounted by the blog Losers With Socks, and this was my favorite reply:

Thing about it is John Adams could write circles around any of you internet All Stars. ... John Adams is your alls daddy and you all know it. So why hate?

That one was signed John Majors (and wouldn't it be something if it really was him?). Excerpts from other messages at LWS, and the Outer MonVolia message board:

• "John Adams is Larry Flynt and his atricles are my Hustler." — NoogaVol

• "Sorry to hear about your sister's passing, but like you said stupid is stupid ..." — Toothless Athenian


• "It is interesting to note that almost every comment critical of Adams for being critical of Flummo has either misspelled words or grammatical errors." — Riversetvol

We're adopting that first one, by the way, to replace "Sports News Without Access, Favor or Discretion."


He Is So Evil That The Mere Mention Of His Name Makes Satan Weep [Losers With Socks]