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Last night was the Deadspin Awards. It was fun! A lot of fun. Maybe too much fun for a Tuesday. This morning, I have been keeping a running list of when the writers and editors of this site first demonstrated that they survived the open bar and post-show karaoke. It’s been pretty grim.

Here’s the order, starting with the first person to get online this morning. The time frame stretches from 6 a.m. until whenever Marchman finally shows up.

  1. Albert
  2. McQuade
  3. Drew
  4. Barry
  5. Dom
  6. Diana
  7. Lauren
  8. McKenna
  9. Hannah
  10. Dvora
  11. Nick
  12. Eric
  13. Ley
  14. Dennis
  15. Lindsey
  16. Burke
  17. Roth
  18. Maddy
  19. Samer
  20. Giri
  21. Redford
  22. Billy
  23. Laura Wagner
  24. Marchman

[Update, 10:58 a.m.: Marchman is alive. He claims he has “been around for a while, I’ve just been mainly intensely focused on the Infinity War trailer.”]

You can watch the entire show here, but enjoy some highlights from the Deadspin Awards, including awards presented by Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Schur:


A mid-show interview with host Drew Magary, conducted by Ken Rosenthal:


And a song about Deadspin written and performed by James Dolan. What the hell.

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