That piece of crap is my phone. The first time I dropped it in the kitchen, it cracked a little. The second time I drunkenly dropped it on the sidewalk, it became worse. Then, after diving on the ground during a fake grenade attack (long story), the phone ended up in this despicable condition. It's still moderately functional, but it sure ain't pretty. So the Gizmodo crew challenged us and are convinced that their supercilious readership of hackers and coffeehouse baristas will have iPhones in worse condition than you, handsome, active, Deadspin readers. Prove them wrong.

Here's what you'll do:

Email a picture of personal iPhone destruction (while it's powered on to prove that it still works) to iPhone damage) or upload it to our Facebook page, and you could win all the parts necessary to fix it *. iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens will determine the winner.


Winner will be announced Thursday, July 14 2011, at 1:30PM.

If you haven't broken your iPhone yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. Preferably in a jousting contest. Now, go.


*We can't guarantee that your phone can be fixed, but we'll do our best.

Standard Gawker Media Contest Rules Apply, void where prohibited, prohibited where void, voidhibited where pro.