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Deadspin's College Football Top 25 Or So: Clouds In Our Coffee

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It's time for a new installment of Deadspin's college football rankings. As always, the teams are ranked according to the logic and values of college football, no matter how bizarre or contradictory they may be. We're making this quick, after wringing the water out of last week's rankings.

1. Alabama (8-0) Previous rank: 1

Smashed previously undefeated No. 10 Mississippi State, 38-7. That is to say, Alabama treated previously undefeated Mississippi State more or less like any other opponent, since the average Alabama score is 40.6 to 8.1. Still only one of the BCS computers thinks the Crimson Tide should be No. 1.


2. Oregon (8-0) Previous rank: 2

Beat Colorado 56-0. In the first half. After that, it was 14-14, giving the Nike corporate football team an even 70 points.

3. Kansas State (8-0) Previous rank: 4

Walloped No. 15 Texas Tech

4. [vacant] Previous rank: 5

A fan of a certain temporarily successful Midwestern parochial-school team wrote in under the impression that the vacant slot in the Top 25 Or So, separating the teams that matter from the teams that don't, is a marker representing that particular program. Swap out your fight song for Carly Simon, boyo. The vacancy goes back longer than your current pretensions.


5. LSU (7-1) Previous rank: 7

6. Ohio State (9-0) Previous rank: 9

7. Louisville (8-0) Previous rank: 11

8. Georgia (7-1) Previously unranked

Beat No. 2 Florida, 17-9

9. Louisiana Tech (7-1) Previous rank: 16

Slipped to No. 2 overall in scoring with a quiet 28-14 win over New Mexico State.


10. Ohio (8-1) Previous rank: 8

Lost its claim to Ohio supremacy by falling to Miami of Ohio, then beat Eastern Michigan on Thursday.


11. Florida (7-1) Previous rank: 3

12. Mississippi State (7-1) Previous rank: 10

13. Stanford (6-2) Previous rank: 13

14. Boise State (7-1) Previous rank: 17

15. Texas Tech (6-2) Previous rank: 15

16. Tulsa (7-1) Previous rank: 20

17. Texas A&M (6-2) Previous rank: 21

18. South Carolina (7-2) Previous rank: 19

19. Toledo (8-1) Previous rank: 22

20. Northern Illinois (8-1) Previous rank: 23

21. Oregon State (6-1) Previous rank: 12

120. Rutgers (7-1) Previous rank: 120

Lost a game and dropped from the BCS rankings entirely. Told you so.

(Photo of Navy football team via Getty.)


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