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Deadspin's College Football Top 25 Or So: Not OK

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It's time for a new installment of Deadspin's college football rankings. As always, the teams are ranked according to the logic and values of college football, no matter how bizarre or contradictory they may be.


1. Alabama (4-0) Previous rank: 1

The Crimson Tide allowed Florida Atlantic to score a touchdown. Unthinkable.

2. South Carolina (4-0) Previous rank: 4

Quarterback Connor Shaw went 20 for 21 as the Gamecocks dispatched Missouri, 31-10.


3. Oregon (4-0) Previous rank: 5

Shootout? Shutout. Dismissed formerly high-scoring No. 11 Arizona, 49-0.

4. (tie) Georgia (4-0) Previous rank: 6
4. (tie) Florida (4-0) Previous rank: 6

Beat Kentucky and Vanderbilt by a combined 86-3.

6. [vacant] Previous rank: 2

By now, some teams have earned the right to dream about losing to Alabama.

7. Kansas State (4-0) Previous rank: 13

Beat No. 16 Oklahoma, in Oklahoma, 24-19.

8. Ohio State (4-0) Previous rank: 8

The outlaw Buckeyes still haven't played a road game. Is NCAA probation like regular probation?

9. TCU (3-0) Previous rank: 9

10. LSU (4-0) Previous rank: 10

11. Florida State (4-0) Previous rank: 14

An impressive 35-3 run was less impressive in the context of an adequate 49-37 win over No. 12 Clemson. This is maybe a parable about what it means to come out of the gate as an undefeated, high-scoring team that plays in the ACC.


12. Ohio (4-0) Previous rank: 20

Scored the first 44 points in a 44-10 victory over Norfolk State.

13. West Virginia (3-0) Previous rank: 15

14. Texas (3-0) Previous rank: 17

15. Texas Tech (3-0) Previous rank: 19

16. Iowa State (3-0) Previous rank: 21

17. Louisiana Tech (3-0) Previously unranked

Blew out Illinois, 52-24, in Illinois. Is a Big Ten patsy really a tough enough tuneup for the WAC schedule?


18. Minnesota (4-0) Previous rank: 22

Allowed a cosmetic touchdown by Syracuse in the final minute of a 17-10 win.

19. Louisville (4-0) Previous rank: 23

20. Mississippi State (4-0) Previously unranked

21. Baylor (3-0) Previously unranked

22. Texas-San Antonio (4-0) Previously unranked

Beat Northwest Oklahoma State, 56-3.

23. Northwestern (4-0) Previously unranked

Beat South Dakota, 38-7.

120. Oklahoma (2-1) Previous rank: 16

Hey, if you add up the score of the last two Oklahoma-Kansas State games, the Sooners win, 77-41. Something for Oklahoma to think about while watching somebody else play in the BCS.


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