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Deadspin's College Football Top 25 Or So: The Sack Of Troy

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It's time for a new installment of Deadspin's college football rankings. As always, the teams are ranked according to the logic and values of college football, no matter how bizarre or contradictory they may be.


1. Alabama (3-0) Previous rank: 1

Somehow had to punt twice in the course of beating Arkansas 52-0. Room for improvement.


2. [vacant] Previous rank: 3

Did we mention it was 52-0?

3. Stanford (3-0) Previous rank: 21

Throttled Matt Barkley and No. 2 USC, 21-14. The Trojans move out of the shadow of NCAA-imposed ineligibility and go back to making themselves championship-ineligible on the field.

4. South Carolina (3-0) Previous rank: 4

"We were fortunate to get what points we could," coach Steve Spurrier said, after beating UAB 49-6.


5. Oregon (3-0) Previous rank: 5

6. (tie) Georgia (3-0) Previous rank: 9
6. (tie) Florida (3-0) Previous rank: 18

The Gators rushed for 336 yards against Tennessee; the Bulldogs rushed for 385 yards against Florida Atlantic. Both defenses allowed 20 points. Georgia piled up more points and passing yards. Florida was on the road. Argue with each other, SEC fans.


8. Ohio State (3-0) Previous rank: 7

9. TCU (2-0) Previous rank: 8

Fumbled the ball away three times inside the 10-yard line. Beat Kansas 20-6 anyway.


10. LSU (3-0) Previous rank: 11

11. Arizona (3-0) Previous rank: 12

Beat South Carolina State, 56-0.

12. Clemson (3-0) Previous rank: 15

13. Kansas State (3-0) Previous rank: 13

14. Florida State (3-0) Previous rank: 20

Chris Thompson averaged 21.9 yards per carry as Florida State beat Wake Forest, 52-0.


15. West Virginia (2-0) Previous rank: 14

16. Oklahoma (2-0) Previous rank: 16

17. Texas (3-0) Previous rank: 17

Taking a knee against Ole Miss to avoid breaking the 70-point mark was maybe meaner than just going for it.


18. UCLA (3-0) Previously unranked

Walloped Houston, 37-6. More to the point, they have more wins than USC.

19. Texas Tech (3-0) Previous rank: 24

20. Ohio (3-0) Previous rank: 23

Continued its conquest of Appalachia with a win at Marshall, 27-24.

21. Iowa State (3-0) Previously unranked

Beat Western Illinois, 37-3, on the way to a showdown with No. 18 Texas Tech.

22. Minnesota (3-0) Previously unranked

23. Louisville (3-0) Previously unranked

If you're going to let the other team go on a 34-10 spree, make sure you have a 29-0 lead first. Well done, Cardinals.


120. Maryland (2-1) Previously unranked

Lost at home to Connecticut in the Randy Edsall Bowl. Loser has to keep Randy Edsall.

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