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The much-delayed Moneyball film finally pops into your area cinemaplex today, marking one of nerds' few victories in a September filled with Red Sox defeats. We take particular interest in this film, and not just because we've long yearned to see someone portraying Chad Bradford dance across the screen. Rather, it's a sports movie based on one of the best sports books of the last 20 years, and it involves real professional teams, and, well, that's all quite exciting.

Eric Walker, The Forgotten Man of Moneyball: But who am I, and why would I be considered some sort of expert on moneyball? Perhaps you recognized my name; more likely, though, you didn't. Though it is hard to say this without an appearance of personal petulance, I find it sad that the popular history of what can only be called a revolution in the game leaves out quite a few of the people, the outsiders, who actually drove that revolution. READ »


Your Field Guide to the Assorted Kerfuffles Over Moneyball, the Movie: Moneyball, because of Lewis's characters' charisma and force, convinced readers that scouts were a scourge, and that a revolution was on the horizon. Lewis took a struggle within a few MLB front offices and amped up the contrast, then his readers blew that battle up to one thousand times its original resolution. It went from an argument about emphasis between factions of moderates to a battle between Joe Morgan and the Fangraphs writing staff. READ »


My Uncomfortable Encounter With An Angry Joe Morgan: He is talking about the 2002 world-champion Anaheim Angels, but what he's really talking about is the book Moneyball (a book Joe Morgan hasn't read) and why it's bullshit (which is why he'll never read it). I try to point out the contradiction. "I think you should —" Morgan cuts me off. "No, I shouldn't read the book. 'Cause I don't care about the book." READ »


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