As we've mentioned before, AJ Daulerio β€” whom we hear is the balls β€” will, for the second consecutive year, be covering the Super Bowl for us, and we couldn't be more excited. (We're not going ourselves; we don't handle sunlight well.) The guy's got an expense account, a laptop and a penchant for getting in a bit of trouble. Last year, jeez, he somehow came up with Jamie Foxx's cellphone number, and that was in Detroit. We're a little scared to see what he runs into in Miami.


Anyway, there will be some other Deadspinners there as well, and there might end up being some meetup block party action. But if you know of anything you think Mr. Daulerio absolutely should not miss, email us or email him and let us/him know. Nothing is off limits; if he doesn't run into Berman at a strip club somewhere, we're going to be sorely disappointed.

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