Yeah, sure, swerving in and out of a caravan at high speeds isn’t exactly safe. But then again these assholes aren’t exactly interested in making life safe for Hopkins, or for the rest of us. The optics here are just wonderful, though. Because what would these nitwits hate more than a powerful Black man in a flashy car flaunting all of it? While Hopkins reportedly flipped the bird at this parade of idiots, his actual actions here are the ultimate middle finger. The defiance and bravado are kryptonite to Trumper-no-hopers.


The tweet from the guy complaining most about his son, it’s fun to think about what his son thought was cooler. His lame dad in whatever minivan-like vehicle driving slowly around town, or the All-Pro receiver showing out in his Ferrari? Hopefully, there are cameras rolling when that kid decides he wants a Hopkins jersey for Christmas.

Oh, and then Hopkins went out and caught 10 passes for 103 yards and a TD. That, my friends, is a flawless day. A day you and I can never have, but are delighted that someone, somewhere can.