Dear CBS, Please Stop Using Yellow In Your Ticker [Update]

I've been bugged by this since around 3:55, and I'm not the only one—we've gotten emails and tweets from people complaining about CBS's ticker, which uses a striking yellow "Final" box to indicate which games are over. If you're half paying attention, it makes you think there's a flag on the play. Every play.


Though the actual CBS graphic for a penalty flag slides out from the score banner at the top of the screen, it's confusing because many packages through the years—including NBC's and ESPN's current set-ups—put their penalty indicator exactly where CBS's "Final" sits.

It's the most noticeable change to CBS's new graphics this season, and by far the most annoying. Here's what the ticker looked like last year:

See? A nice, understated "Final," with just the text in yellow. Didn't automatically draw the eye, which was a good thing. It was clear enough.

Today isn't the debut of the new graphics, but our best guess for why no one noticed until now is that CBS only had an early game in Week 1, and thus just a couple minutes of final scores with which to distract.

Update: Thankfully, it seems CBS will be changing the graphic for next week's games.