Last week's Villanova player asking for tips on juicing was just the beginning. Apparently there's an epidemic of our nation's stupid, stupid college athletes turning to message boards for the best PED regimen. Today: anonymous college pitcher with a pitiful fastball.

From the IronMagazine Bodybuilding Forums, "baseballplayer" asks:

SUBJ: college baseball pitcher thinking about using SUSTANON 250 and DIANABOL

hey i am a 6'4'' 200 lbs LEFT HANDED PITCHER who plays college baseball. My fastball topp out at about 84 mph and throw consistantly 80-83 but I want to throw harder. I've tried everything...protein, creatine, glutamine, BCAA's and training hard. I am not getting the results I need and want. I obviously want to get stronger and bigger and am now considering about taking SUSTANON 250 cycle and DIANABOL 4 week cycle. Is this a good mixture and will it give me the results i need to get stronger, bigger (but not too too big because i need to be able to throw) and ripped and gain speed on my fastball? What side effects do I have to worry about? I am a competitive person but i dont snap easy so will i get "roid rage"...I am going to take ARIMADEX after I am done both cycles...please give me some advice and help me out and please be honest with me... long do you reccomend i take each supplement for?


For the record, Sustanon is an injectable blend of different testosterone compounds, and our old friend Dianabol is a brand name for the classic methandrostenolone.


But who says there's no honor among anabolic steroid enthusiasts? Almost to a man, the posters on the IronMagazine boards shut him down.

Have you considered a coach to help with your mechanics and your training?

Being a college kid (scholarship? what division?) I would suggest you are too young to be considering steroids.

Want to throw harder? SQUATS
Want pitching endurance? SQUATS
when you are not doing squats—core

go somewhere else. i think you're a snitch or nark working for the feds

your fastball won't get you to the Cape Cod league.....have a backup plan.

But "baseballplayer" isn't satisfied.

i know that they are illegal and all of that but i done care...can you guys just give me tips and help me out please?


Sadly for us, "baseballplayer" doesn't give us enough clues to his identity as "ultimatepr27" did. But if you ever see a college pitcher get his fastball into the mid-to-high 80s, be suspicious.

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