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Dear Joe Posnanski: Baseball Is Not Like Life

In our weekly excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, noted author and occasional NFL roundtabler Stefan Fatsis wants to quibble with those writers who took last week's two-hour-long orgasm that ended the baseball regular season, and turned it into some kind of metaphor for life. In particular, he takes issue with modern-day baseball saint Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated.


Says Fatsis, "Joe Posnanski is the most capable writer/reporter/fan of our times, I would argue. ... To speak ill of Joe Posnanski is to speak ill of nuzzling kittens or sleeping newborns." But he embarks on his quest anyway. Oh, the temerity!


UPDATE! Posnanski speaks (erm, well, tweets:) "Just listened to Stefan Fatsis take me out on Slate podcast. He did it so nicely, I like him even more."

You can listen to the full podcast here or subscribe on iTunes.

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