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Deconstructing Bear Vs. Colt

A shocking result in Tuesday's episode of Bear vs. Colt . With the score tied at two wins apiece, neither of them won! In a move that the real Indianapolis Colts would do well to study and reflect upon (we have no trouble at all imagining Peyton Manning choking in similar fashion), Colt seems to have the victory in hand before becoming careless and letting it slip away (see above). Stupid, cocky Colt.

Throughout the series Bear has won our rooting interest by playing the part of the innocent bystander, the everybear, reluctantly pushed into action by Colt, who has been, quite frankly, a dick. Just look at episode three for proof. Colt not only taunts a real bear at the zoo, but brandishes a sign which reads "Bears = Jerks." What's that? It just seems unprovoked and frankly quite unnecessary. We had no real rooting interest in the Super Bowl before now, but we'd have to say that Bear is winning us over. Of course there are four episodes remaining, so Colt just could turn this thing around and make us love him again.


Our one fear about this series: That they're just stringing us along and have no real explanation of what the mysterious numbers mean, or who "The Others" really are.

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