Let's see now. Uh huh. Right, right, right. Eight years in the NBA with, uh, four teams. And you know, I just loved that Saint Joe's team you played for. What year was that, ‘04? And who was it, John Lucas who made that shot that kept you guys out of the Final Four? That had to just … yeah, yeah, sorry. But what a run you guys had! Anyway, uh, you were waived by the Mavericks on Monday, and, uh, you're looking for work. I guess my first question is, why should we bring you in, Delonte?

Bleacher Report, eh? Impressive. I'll sift through that slideshow as soon as I'm done sifting through their James Harden stuff. But given your history, why should we take a chance on you?

Go on.


Do you have any concerns?

Fair enough. Anything else?


If we were to progress with this, I have to ask: What sort of deal were you looking for? We're just not prepared to offer anything long-term, just to let you know.

I see. Well, we'll…[interrupted]


Gotcha. OK. We'll have to think this over. There's a lot to…[interrupted]

Very well. Don't call us. We'll call you.