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DeMarcus Cousins Knows His Music History

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DeMarcus Cousins recently joked that he doesn’t know who Paul McCartney (the guy who did a song with Kanye West a few years ago) is. Undoubtedly, this comment caused a few pearls to be clutched and few fainting chairs to be fainted into.


As the Deadspin staffer who knows the least about things that happened before 2001, I can sympathize. Paul McCartney is fine and he’s done some good work. His contributions to The Grey Album were stellar. Thing is, Cousins does know Chuck Berry, who more or less invented rock n’ roll and laid the groundwork for the Beatles. He also wrote the song that the Beatles turned into “Come Together,” and the two songs were so similar that John Lennon got sued over it. Between the two artists, Chuck Berry is the one to know.

The Kings are probably going to be quite bad this year, but at least Boogie is still cool and good.

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