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So, Denis Leary was on the Red Sox broadcast last night, and discovered that Boston first baseman Kevin Youkilis was Jewish. It sent Leary into a "Hey, Mel Gibson, HOW'S REHAB??!!" rant that, while not quite rivaling the famous Rick Sutcliffe "George Clooney's out there solving that thing" in embarassment value, surely comes close it in pure entertainment value.

Rescue Me (From Mel Gibson) [Bad Idea Blue Jeans]

(UPDATE: The assholes at NESN, apparently decided that publicity for their network causes them HARM, have made YouTube take down the video. GRRRR.)


(SECOND UPDATE: We got another copy and put it up. We encourage anyone who has a file of the video to send it to us, and we'll keep putting it up every time they take it down. And we encourage you to keep loading it into YouTube as well.)

(THIRD UPDATE: In case they take it down again, by the way, here's an audio file.)

(FOURTH UPDATE: Oh, screw it, we're going with Google Video.)

(FIFTH UPDATE: A very nice gentleman has made the Leary video available for download. So now EVERYONE can have it! Take THAT!)


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