Denver Sports Reporter Turns Vigilante, Defaces Joe Flacco Banners

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Because of scheduling complications, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will be playing on the road during the NFL's Thursday night opener, a game which the previous year's champion customarily gets to play at home. This has led to some awkwardness from a marketing standpoint, as the NFL has placed pro-Ravens signage and banners around Denver in an effort to hype the opening game. Denver sports reporter Vic Lombardi isn't thrilled about seeing Joe Flacco banners adorning light posts in downtown Denver, so he took to the streets to do something about it! And he brought duct tape!


That's Lombardi in the screencap above, putting the finishing touches on... whatever the hell it is he just did to that Joe Flacco poster. It looks like he just slapped a bunch of strips of duct tape on the poster and then wrote some crap on it. He's basically the Banksy of Denver now.

Lombardi documented his acts of vandalism with a collection of videos on his Tout page. But I would recommend that instead of watching the videos in which he vandalizes the Flacco signs, you scroll down and watch the one in which he berates the University of Colorado and Colorado State University cheerleading squads about the upcoming rivalry game between the two schools. "Is it on!? Is it on?! Is it on right now!?" he says over and over again as the poor girls smile politely and try not to look too creeped out.


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