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Derek Anderson Got Defensive, Was Possibly Wrong About Defensive Schemes At 2 AM Last Night

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Late last night, Derek Anderson tweeted this:

Sometimes I wonder why.... Why I can't sleep.. Why I do some things..

Like any Browns fan given the opportunity, Bob Wetsel decided to kick Anderson while he was down, tweeting, "like throw into triple coverage?" Anderson's response was peculiar:

triple coverage is actually impossible.. If u had 3 guys on 1 guy someone is running free down the sideline.clown!!!


Let's do the math. There are at most five eligible receivers on each play. If one receiver had three defenders on him, then there would have to be four more to cover the other four. That means that seven defenders would have to drop back, which is fairly common — especially when the offensive team is losing big and has to pass, a situation that Anderson finds himself in rather often. Anderson then got in an hours-long argument with Wetsel, first ceding that that triple coverage was possible in zone:

tell me how u actually covet 1 guy with 3 guys? There are zone coverages that make it possible to have three guys around 1 but not 3 right on 1 guy..


That still doesn't resolve the seven-or-eight-man drop problem. He kept going, though:

can u throw the ball 10 yds? Everything is easier from ur chair and bag of chips.

if u can't do it u can't criticize. Thx for watching.. Sorry I'm not as good as u think i should be..

[Presumably after going to Wetsel's profile and reading he was an OSU fan] how about those cheating ass buckeyes! Lol still the most boring football to watch..

maybe I missed it but pretty sure another yr went by and ur name never got called in the draft..

that's exactly my point.. Ur opinions need to stay in your living room. U can't play u can't coach. All u do is watch without knowing what really is going on.

they think oh yah that team cheats yr in yr out.. N isn't fun to watch..

I guarantee that if I showed u tape and explain to u sonethings u would go oh shit.. What u hear from most announcers is just a guess 0 truth of actual happenings.

ok ok.. Have another bag of chips.. Some more wings..

u have studied the game. U sit in meeting and know what gas been taught? Jv ball doesn't count for shit!

did I ever say I was a fucking genius? No. But I've prob forgot more football in the last 10 yrs then u ever have truly known.

explain cv 2 sky wk to me?

cover 2 sky wk. I don't even know why I'm arguing with u.. I'm sure u know a little football. But not in depth..

I'm just saying u don't know what u think u know. So don't be a hater.. I play in the NFL regardless if u think I can play or not I can fucking play the game. Shity at times yes.. But sure as shit dont try and be shity

it's 515 out there u should get physical game right and take ur ass for a run..

The least knowledgeable quarterback in the league knows more than even a diehard fan, so I get where he's coming from. But if that's true (and it is), why does he need to prove it at 2 in the morning? And why does he not actually prove it? Anderson does have a history of being unfairly accused and then overly defensive — here's Dwight Howard making fun of one of his press conferences. But if Anderson's starting next year, I know how many backs to put on Larry Fitzgerald (just kidding, Derek. I have no idea).

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