Derek Jeter Denies Giving Gift Baskets To One-Night Stands

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The fun and beauty of Derek Jeter gossip isn’t in its truthfulness—it’s that it can go so far while still remaining plausible, which says more about the Jeter mythos than an accurate rumor ever could. Jeter’s engaged now, but he took a minute to finally address one of the more famous rumors from his single days.

You remember it: a 2011 New York Post story (not even Page Six!) reporting that Jeter sent home his one-night stands in a hired car. And waiting for them in the back seat, a gift basket that included a Jeter-signed baseball. Speaking on Joe Buck’s DirecTV show yesterday, Jeter flatly denied all of it.

“On top of it, it was a gift basket of my own memorabilia. It’s a dumb story. And you really have to be dumber to believe it. But they believe it!...You guys really believe that? My own memorabilia, I’m signing?”


As for why Jeter took so long to tackle this rumor—and has remained silent on so many others—he says he really has nothing to gain by giving them currency.

“I don’t address them because once you address it, you have to address every single rumor that comes out. And then if one time you don’t, they automatically assume it’s true. So I just chose not to address any rumors out there.”


He notably failed to address the other perfect piece of Jeter gossip. So: yeah, Jeets?

[via Fox Sports]