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Derrick Jones Jr. Easily Could Have Dunked This Alley-Oop On A 12-Foot Rim

You have two options when you’re down over 20 points at home against one of top teams in your conference with less than three minutes remaining: you can run out the clock and mentally move on to the next game like a coward, or you can use the open floorspace and lax defense to pull off some gravity-defying stunts to get your home crowd excited—which is what Miami’s Derrick Jones Jr. did on Saturday.

The Heat had a two-on-one fast break in their favor late in the game against the Raptors with Bam Adebayo handling the ball. Seeing that Toronto’s Malcolm Miller chose to guard him more closely than Jones, Adebayo threw up a lob for his teammate. Though the ball went well above and behind Jones’s head, he was still able to corral the ball cleanly with enough hang time that made you wonder if he was ever going to come down.


Once you’re done picking your jaw off the floor, find a comfortable place for it to land again so that you can watch these more impressive angles of the dunk in slow motion.

Holy shit.

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