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Derrick Mason's Response To Keyshawn's Raven-Bashing: "You're The Bum!" (UPDATE)

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Gifted trash talkers as they are, Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter's insults do not always prove true. After shitting all over Baltimore's offense by calling Joe Flacco "a bum," the Ravens exploded Sunday and fired back at the analysts.

Who's the bum now? Derrick Mason demanded to know following Baltimore's 500 yard, 38-point offensive showcase against the Chiefs yesterday.

In the wake of that victory, the former retiree WR made this rebuttal to current retiree WRs Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter:

Keyshawn Johnson is the bum, that's why he's in the analyst seat. He tried to come back to football but no one would sign him. He was never that good a player. He got lucky and signed on in Tampa Bay and won a Super Bowl because they had a great defense.

"Just look at the two people doing the criticizing, that's all I'm saying. Keyshawn was overrated and Carter is in the same boat I'm in. He doesn't have a Super Bowl ring either. He's in the analyst seat without a ring. At least I'm playing. He still wants to play but he can't anymore. We're the bums? That's why you're in the analyst seat. Just be quiet and keep dreaming you still could play.


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UPDATE: ESPN maintains that Johnson/Carter never called Flacco "a bum" during the press conference. " nobody specific was being addressed during that comment...They were just talking and said that the Ravens have not spent all their money on receivers...they spend it on defense."

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