Derrick Rose Hurt Both Of His Ankles Again

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Derrick Rose returned to the Bulls' starting lineup last night after missing the two previous games. He missed those games because he managed to sprain both of his ankles during a game last Friday. Rose played 31 minutes against the Bucks, which is great, but he also managed to re-aggravate both of his sprained ankles—at the same damn time.


From ESPN:

Rose said after the game that the ankles were "still sore" and that he tweaked the injuries in a second-quarter collision. Still, the former MVP remains hopeful that he will be able to play Friday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

"Of course I wasn't 100 percent tonight but I felt like we needed this win," Rose said. "And just try to come out here and do anything it takes to get this win with my teammates."

I'm not trying to clown Derrick Rose, but this is getting a little ridiculous. (He's less reliable at this point than Bo Jackson was after he had an artificial hip installed!) He's got to be the only player in the NBA who would sprain both of his ankles in one game and then simultaneously aggravate both injuries on a single play just a few days later. These are the kinds of things that are supposed to happen to 64-year-old men who keep slipping on that goddang piece of lose flagstone on the goddang patio, not professional athletes.