Derrick Rose Threatens To Shoot The Knicks' Playoff Hopes To Death

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Turns out that while Derrick Rose was trashing the Knicks triangle scheme, he was also busy concocting his own plan to kickstart the Knicks offense Today, Newsday helped with the big reveal:

“I’m trying to put pieces of my game together,” Rose said Thursday after practice at Temple University. “You see I’m not shooting threes yet, but hopefully, [I’ll] start shooting them in the playoffs. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice and dedication to get there, but I’m just adding pieces of my game throughout the season.”

This season Rose is shooting 22.8 percent from three on 1.1 attempts per game. At no point in his career has he done much better:


This inspiring video may help explain why:

Continue to feel bad for Jeff Hornacek, who seems surrounded on all sides by deluded bozos.

What they were seeing, Hornacek said, was that Rose was waiting until the very peak of his jump before letting it go. It cost a lot of energy, “and it shouldn’t look that hard,” he said. Additionally, that extra stress couldn’t have been good for Rose’s rickety, injury-prone knees.

Rose is working on a more economical shot — he releases on his way up — and he’s making progress, Hornacek said, though it likely could use another summer of work.


The Knicks are still just four games out of the playoffs, but this fresh idea should keep them safely out of the running.