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Photo credit: Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press
Photo credit: Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press

Today, another friend and employee of Derrick Rose, Ryan Allen, finished giving his account of the night he, Rose, and Hampton all are all accused of gang-raping a woman in her Los Angeles apartment. All three men say the sex was consensual. In his testimony Thursday, Allen described having sex with Jane Doe and how he wanted to really be engaged. He even thought, he said, about setting the mood.

All three men started out the night at a Beverly Hill house, where they hung out with Doe and a friend of hers before heading over to Doe’s apartment and, they say, having sex with her. All three men have said they don’t recall the exact order they went in. The rough estimate is Allen, then Hampton, then Rose. But Allen said it was more complicated than that. On Thursday, he said Rose went into her bedroom first but left, saying the problem was, “She kept trying to kiss me.” So Allen, who said, “I enjoy kissing,” went in and had sex with her first. But the first time he had sex, Allen said, he wasn’t really engaged. He was just “getting things going.”

The second time “I was really engaged,” Allen said, which is why he wanted some light but “not bright.” He used light from Doe’s laptop to open the lube, and she told him not to get any on her laptop or the covers. Then he leaned back on the bed. She started kissing him, and they had sex. At one point, he said, they changed positions (Allen did not clarify the positions) and during the change she grabbed a pink vibrator. During the second position, Doe used the vibrator. Throughout the sex, Allen said they kissed, embraced, she moaned, and she grabbed the vibrator to “enjoy it even more.”

“There wasn’t a moment when we weren’t engaged together,” he said, adding that he kissed her on the forehead before he left.

The second time lasted a lot longer than the first. In response to questions from his lawyer, Allen talked about wanting to set the mood, embracing, and how he “really wanted to enjoy it.”


Afterward, Allen said he hung out and looked at some of the pictures in the apartment. He even told her “see you soon” before leaving. There was some trash in the apartment but he couldn’t find a garbage to put it in.

“As a young man, I always take out the garbage,” Allen said.

She was never unconscious, and “very alert.” The only time she told him no, Allen said, was when he asked about opening the blinds. He did not smell alcohol or vomit on her breath. Even when they put her in the cab earlier in the evening, she was “not drunk.”


Allen also testified yesterday about his interactions with Doe’s friend Jessica “Kendra” Groff, who hung out with them earlier that night in the Beverly Hills home Rose was renting that summer. Here is how Allen said that went, as reported by the Los Angeles Times:

According to Allen, the friend had walked in and disrobed. Rose, he said, was lying on his bed ignoring her while watching the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” on television. Allen testified that he peeked his head in to check on Rose.

“Poo, you want her in here?” Allen said he asked Rose, calling him by his childhood nickname.

“No,” Rose replied without looking away from the TV, according to Allen.

Allen said he escorted the woman out and asked why she had come to the home, he said. She couldn’t answer and said that she’d only met the plaintiff, who brought her to the home, earlier that day on Facebook, he said.

“That’s when I thought there was a problem. I don’t think this is a good situation,” Allen testified.

With Rose’s permission, he said, he called a cab for the plaintiff and the other woman and asked them to leave.


Today, Allen added that even when they put Doe in the cab she was “not drunk.”

Groff testified today, after Allen, that she only went into Rose’s room when she was looking for Doe and ended up knocking on his door in the process. From the hallway that leads into the bedroom, she said she made some small talk with him before Allen showed up. As Groff tells it, Allen showed up and said “Fuck talking, take off your clothes.


Groff got into an argument with Allen after he said that, and soon afterward she found Doe and told Allen he needed to call a cab for them so they could leave. She made sure to take Doe with her, even though Allen suggested she leave her friend behind. Doe, she said, was drunk when they left.

During Allen’s testimony, he also addressed the events leading up to how they got to the woman’s home. Doe’s lawyers have previously said a string of text messages and unanswered calls show that she was unconscious when the men arrived, but Allen said that wasn’t correct. He said he called Doe at 2:05 a.m. and the call was answered. She told him that they should come to her place, and they could all come over with Rose.


After that is when Doe texted Rose “aight he turned around to pick u up” and Rose texted back “we on our way,” Allen said.

Allen called her again at 2:12 a.m., he said, although he wasn’t sure why. They got to her place about 2:50 a.m., Allen said, and he called her twice. The call at 2:51 a.m. wasn’t answered, but the 2:52 a.m. call was and he told her that they were there. He called her again at 2:53 a.m., asking where she was and she told him at the door. He knows all these calls were answered, he said, because the cell phone company billed him for two minutes and unanswered calls are only billed for one minute.


Under cross examination by Doe’s lawyer, Allen said the calls did not go to the woman’s voicemail.

“If she didn’t answer those phone calls, we would have left,” Allen said.

As for the “wake yo ass up” text, Allen said that was before the phone call, maybe just a minute earlier, and was meant as a joke. They didn’t really think she was asleep.


When asked about the Rose text to Doe that said “Hello?,”Allen gave the same answer his co-defendant gave when on the stand when explaining why his story was different from Rose’s: “He forgets things sometimes.”

He later added: “People don’t really understand how hard it is to be an NBA player.”

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