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Desperate For Hockey, Nashville Predators Fans, Announcers And Coaches Surprise Local Youth Team

Figuring their fans had nothing better to do at the moment, the Nashville Predators invited the faithful down to a local rink for a "pizza party" last week. The pizza was just a front, though, for a flashmob meant to surprise two youth hockey teams. 200 fans, the Predators' P.A. announcer, the radio announcing crew, as well as coach Barry Trotz and his staff appeared unannounced at the Blizzard/Cyclones matchup to simulate a professional atmosphere for the kids.

Pay special attention to #16 in blue, Sean Karaman, who—despite having his number taped to the back of his jersey—gets the better of a big hit at 2:30 and scores the decisive goal on a breakaway at 2:40.

It's a nice gesture for the kids, but let's be frank about what's really going on here: Barry Trotz needed an excuse to stand behind a bench and yell at someone during the lockout.


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