Desperately Seeking Groundouts

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As you've probably heard by now, above is the profile of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brian Shackleford, who was released from jail last night and, even worse, sent to the minors after he was arrested following Wednesday's night's loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. To remind, the facts of the case are thus:

Shackleford met a Milwaukee-area woman using the above profile and had dinner with her Monday night. They ended up going back to his hotel room, where they had sex; the debate is whether or not it was consensual. Shackelford has not been charged, and his agent has denied the charges.

One thing Shackelford can be charged with: Blatant profile photo misrepresentation.


Another photo can be found here, and the full profile is after the jump.

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(Sorry we're a day late on this, by the way. We were on the road yesterday when this broke ...)

(UPDATE: Because of all the problems around here the last couple of days, we neglected to point out that WTMJ in Milwaukee had this story first, and we can't thank them enough.)