The scene: overtime of Saturday's Minnesota state class 3A semifinal game, with Rochester Lourdes opting against a tying PAT in favor of a do-or-die two point conversion. RB Carter Greguson takes a handoff up the middle—and gets stuffed. But!

It was emphatically not a planned play. "Coaches always tell us not to go down with the football on a two-point play," said QB Noah Hillman, and he's lucky football doesn't have the NHL's "intent to blow" rule because Greguson's forward progress appeared to be just on the verge of being stopped.


But Greguson lateraled to Hillman, Hillman scampered in for the score and the victory, and the QB was pretty sanguine about the decision to go for two in the first place. "If you can't get in from 2½ yards out in a one-point game like this," he said, "you probably don't deserve to win anyway."

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