Detroit Police Will Investigate The Ford Field "Booty Bus" That Its Officers Have Informally Investigated For A Year

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Detroit police are attending and also investigating the Booty Lounge, a mobile strip club that occupies a spot in a parking lot near Ford Field during Lions home games. The venue is a school bus that has been painted over in black and red paint, with the words "BOOTY LOUNGE" in silver letters on its side. Finally, right? A space for women at NFL games!

It's unclear exactly what goes on in the Booty Lounge, but it is reportedly equipped with "two stages with steel dance poles, a smoke machine, laser lights and a sound system," so that should give you some idea. After Detroit's WDIV-TV broadcast the story last week, and after photos of Detroit police officers posing with some of the bus's ladies surfaced from Facebook (the one we found, at right above, was posted in November 2010), chief of police Ralph Godbee Jr. announced an investigation:

"Ostensibly, it's an illegal establishment," Godbee said. "The same thing that would regulate that type of activity in a strip club would be applicable to that vehicle. We're going to police it very aggressively through our investigation.

"I'm appalled at this kind of conduct because we have families and children around. We need to make sure these events are fan-friendly for children and their families."

Godbee began the probe after receiving complaints from a city councilman following an undercover report on a local TV station. Godbee said his officers "jumped right on" the issue, adding this was the first time he heard about the bus.


The Booty Lounge Detroit Facebook page, which has plenty of photos for those interested, describes the bus as "an amazing, one of a kind trailblazer in the transportation industry." They rent out the space at a minimum of four hours, and while it is available without "the ladys," their "oppinion is that is alot more fun with em!" A Detroit police spokesperson told CBS that the bus operators were allegedly "accepting donations of $10" for anyone who boarded at Ford Field.

We put in a call to the Booty Bus hotline and have yet to hear back. If you've spent any time on it, do email us.


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