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Detroit Tigers 5-0, Fans Confused

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The perennially downtrodden Detroit Tigers, you may have noticed, are currently unefeated, which is just confusing the hell out of Tigers fans. I feel like the fact that the Tigers have sucked is the universe's way of balancing out the success of the Pistons and Red Wings, but it's still nice to see them string together a few wins anyway. I've gotten two seperate e-mails this weekend from pleasantly bewildered Detroit fans, one from NoobSports, and one from onlydrinkhighlife.

They need to get together and decide on a nickname for Chris Shelton. Shelton is currently carrying a batting average of .700, going 14-of-20 on the year with five home runs and 9 RBIs. That puts him on pace for 162 home runs and 291 RBIs. I think he's a little unlikely to actually achieve those marks, but still, he deserves a nickname better than "Big Red." NoobSports says "Sheletor." onlydrinkhighlife says "Red Pop." We need to work this out.


The Tigers lead the Rangers 2-0 in the 3rd inning.

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