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Detroit Tigers' Season Cruelly Refuses To End

Despite what the calendar says, the Detroit Tigers called off their season weeks ago. They've won 5 games this month. They've lost 12 of their last 13, given six in a row to the Indians and Royals, their closer has already retired, Gary Sheffield is sharpening knives in his basement, and despite legitimately dreaming of a return to the World Series in April, they have slowly sunk down to last place. All anyone on this team wants to do now is go home, crawl under the covers, and not come out until January. Except they can't—because they might have to go overtime to decide the AL Central. Minnesota's 3-2 win over Chicago last night, leaves the Twins just one-half game out of first place. That one half is because of a rain-out two weeks ago, which means that if the difference remains 0.5 games in either direction on Sunday night, the Tigers will have to pack up all their crap and head to U.S. Cellular Field for a make-up game on Monday. They must be super psyched for that! (Right after they sweep Tampa Bay and leave a sour taste on the feel good story of the year.) Also, if the White Sox are the ones who are trailing on Sunday, they would have to win that make-up game—and use the best starter available, no matter who Detroit sends out there—to force a tie-breaker against the Twins on Tuesday. Of course, the entire National League may be washed into the ocean this weekend, so a Thursday or Friday start to the playoffs is not out of the question for many teams. Or the Twins will lose tonight, the weather will cooperate on the East Coast and Jim Leyland can sleep in on Monday. Either way. • Four tiebreaker scenarios loom [] • NL playoff picture complicated by makeup game, weather [USA Today] Photo Credit: AP


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