Dez Bryant Melts Down On The Cowboys Sideline

Here you see Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and other assorted members of the Cowboys sideline having a Socratic dialogue in the aftermath of the Lions' improbable rally. The day was building to this. An earlier cutaway caught Bryant exploding at Tony Romo for something or other, sending color guy Brian Billick into a spasm of righteous tsk-tsking. (I don't remember any similar concern a couple years ago when Romo harangued poor Phil Costa on national TV.) Billick spent a lot of time mooning over "class act" Calvin Johnson, using him as a cudgel on "spoiled child" Dez Bryant and dragooning the both of them into a Goofus & Gallant diptych. I felt a little bad for Calvin Johnson. He deserves better than to have broadcasters talk about him as if he were a stretched-out David Eckstein.


Mark it down, though: You're going to be hearing about this moment. A lot. Chris Mortensen is doing warmup arpeggios in the mirror as I type.