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Dez Bryant Says His Sideline Tirade Was "All Positive"

Brian Billick may have sneeringly referred to it as a "spoiled child" routine, but Dez Bryant says all the gesticulating he was doing on the sidelines during yesterday's game was done with a positive attitude.


Here's how Bryant explained himself to ESPN Dallas after the game:

"My passion is always positive," said Bryant, who had three catches for 72 yards and two touchdowns on six targets in the loss. "It's always positive. It's going to remain the same way. I'm not saying anything wrong. I'm not saying anything bad. It's all positive. That's just what it is.

"I'm the nicest person off the field. When I'm on the field, even when I look angry, it's still all good passion. It's all good passion. I feel like that's what we need. I'm going to remain the same way. I feel like I love this game. I love it. In order to win, you've got to be passionate about this game. You have to be. You've got to let that dog come out and just put it all out there on the line."

Sure, Bryant might be bullshitting, but his teammates were more than willing to come to his defense. Tony Romo referred to Bryant's emotional outbursts as "rah rah" tactics, and Jason Witten said, "I love that kid like a brother" when asked about the sideline fracas.

The lesson here, as always, is that these sideline confrontations, which happen almost every week in the NFL, matter a lot more to writers and commentators than they do to the players who are actually involved in them.