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Dez Bryant To Handwringing Columnist: "You Are A Sucky Writer"

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David Moore of the Dallas Morning News played Preseason Concern-Trolling Mad Libs today, filling in enough blanks to wring out a take on Dez Bryant, who’s conveniently been involved in two training camp fights. According to Moore, this latest fight makes Bryant ... a problem? Who knows, because Moore never gets beyond casting sidelong glances at whatever point he’s trying to make.

You’ve heard it all before. You’ll read it here later as head coach Jason Garrett and executive vice president Stephen Jones address Bryant’s actions during the team’s two days of practice against the Rams.

Here’s what they don’t say. Passion doesn’t give a person the right to act or lash out whenever he or she wants. An impulsive display of passion often results in reckless or irresponsible behavior.

We could point out how silly it is for Moore to use a fight that involved dozens of players as a jumping off point for singling out Bryant, or that Bryant’s supposedly problematic passion has never resulted in him harming the team in any meaningful way during a real game. But let’s skip that, because Dez saw the column, and he’s not having Moore’s crap:


Did Moore have a good comeback? Nah, he was too busy praising Greg Hardy:

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