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Some days you just have to sit back and thank whoever it is you thank for wonderful things that the internet exists. Here, for you reading pleasure, is professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (hereinafter referred to as "DDP") and his new brand of yoga. It is called DDP Yoga.

DDP is (was?) a professional wrestler who burst onto the scene relatively late in life. So his old bones needed an easy workout. Especially after a career-threatening injury! So, forget surgery. Forget physical therapy. Forget doctors. Get yourself some nutritionists, kinesiologists, witch doctors and trainers and just make something up! Then get Rob Zombie to endorse it!


Give me a f***ing break!

If you're anything like me, you know that even the sound of the word yoga will get you a sarcastic roll of the eyeballs and a loud Bronx cheer. I mean, come on-YOGA! Yeah, sure, let's all sit around cross-legged, chanting to our inner peace while sucking down on wheat germ smoothies and feeling at one with the f***ing universe. I mean, this is what yoga is all about, right? This is girlie-man hippie crap, right?

Well, that's the way I always saw it. That is, until Diamond Dallas Page explained Yoga for Regular Guys to me. Hey, I figured if this guy thought yoga was a badass workout, maybe- and I emphasize maybe-there might be something to this New Age voodoo.


Rob Zombie just gets me, you know? Like, as a real man, girly-man hippie crap is just not something I will tolerate. But now that I know DDP and someone as hardcore as Rob Zombie (dude curses in his endorsements!) think it's OK, I might just check out this yoga stuff.

Chris Jericho is also feeling the bang, on a whole other level and filmed this ringing endorsement of DDP Yoga after overcoming very "bleak" back issues in just five weeks.

Do yourself a favor and watch that inspiring video DDP mentions if only for DDP channeling his inner fortune cookie—"repetition is the mother of learning."
So, are you ready to own your life? Good! For just three easy payments of $24.99, you can! I'm sorry to say I got totally lost in this website for far too long on a Saturday afternoon, but, really that's what the internet is all about, right? Killing time and crackpot snake oil salesmen.

h/t vivek

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