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Dice-K Has Some Spring Training Work To Do

Red Sox Monster brings up something that has to give Red Sox fans considerable pause: When he showed up at spring training this week, new Boston pitching savior Daisuke Matsuzaka appeared to be, oh, a little chubbier than one might have expected.

Now, we know that baseball players don't exactly have to be the most perfect physical specimens, and hey, it's not like they're really into the steroid use in Japan. And we also don't like to be the type of people who make fun of another person for their weight, unless they're someone who doesn't like us.


But still: For all the mystery and madness surrounding Dice-K ... the first piece of information we got on him was that he's a little more portly than your traditional 100 million free agent. Everyone's watching the guy now, and all we know now is that he's a little easier to find than we had initially thought.

Dice-K: Phat, or Fat? [Red Sox Monster]

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