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According to the filthy minds at Busted Coverage, a young woman from Scituate, Mass. recently tweeted thusly about a Gronkquest:

I just hooked up with gronks brother and [my friend] hookedup with gronk ..... life complete

[@an incredulous follower] yuppppppp we got proof

After the Gronkquest, the friend also posted on Twitter: "Literally on cloud 9." Alas, the Gronk-snogging friend is 16! We know this for sure because the Gronk-brother-hooker-upper not so long ago posted a photo of her friend's ID on Twitter. Kids these days.


Anyway, whatever happened wasn't illegal—the age of consent in Aruba is 16, and of course "hooking up" doesn't mean there was any sex, and of course the miss might have been exaggerating in mentioning "hooking up," because all the photo evidence we have is a cheek kiss. But, if anything did happen: Gross, Gronk.

Gronk "Hooking Up," Getting Kissed By 16-Year-Old In Aruba? [PHOTOS] [Busted Coverage]

Image from Busted Coverage.

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