More Rob Gronkowski At Spring Break: Still Wearing Zubaz, Still Drinking, Still On Crutches

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Tipsters just keep sending us their stories and photos of Gronk's epic Spring Break party tour, so we're just gonna keep posting them. The pair of photos we have here came to us from the gang at Shot of Ginn. The image of Gronk shirtless and in Zubaz pants was said to be taken yesterday in South Padre Island, Texas, which is also where that shot we showed you earlier of Gronk with a beer bong was taken. The photo down below of Gronk on crutches but still holding a drink was reportedly taken sometime last week in Miami, though since we also know Gronk was recently in Aruba, we can't verify that's where it took place.


We happen to have a tipster on the ground in South Padre Island. This is the unedited report that arrived via email this afternoon from Ryan:

I'm down here in South Padre for work and Saw him last night at a pool party at the Grand Peninsula hotel(Next to Isla Grand) tried to get a photo with him but he was pretty attainment not to get photographed. Him and his buddies even paid the $10 cover to get in.


"Pretty attainment not to get get photographed," but still paying cover charges. It's Yo soy fiesta, and it actually makes perfect sense. It's big-time without being big-time.

Gronk Spring Break 2012 Watch [Shot of Ginn]

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