Did Brennan Clay Finally Get His Revenge On DeMarco "Spray Tan" Murray?

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Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray missed practice Thursday with a reported illness. According to a source whose tips have proven accurate in the past, however, Murray wasn't sick. He was dealing with some off-the-field matters concerning girlfriend Heidi Mueller, thanks to a scorched-earth maneuver by former Oklahoma teammate Brennan Clay.


(The quick version of the backstory here—Clay accused his wife of cheating with Murray, but now claims to have made up with her, despite a pending divorce filing.)

The version we received today:

Just wanted to give you an update Heidi Mueller left demarco yesterday that's why he missed practice. Brennan clay sent her a bunch of nude pictures of demarco that he had send to a few different girls..


We've visited Mueller's Twitter page before, back when Clay first publicly accused Murray of skeeziness on Twitter; back then, her feed was full of supportive Cowboys tweets. They're all gone now. Also gone: a manual retweet ("love uuuu") of Murray's photo of he and Mueller, which was partially preserved in an embedded tweet here. At one time, Mueller's profile photo featured her, Murray, and their daughter. That's changed too.

Mueller posted this on Instagram earlier today:


We asked our tipster how Clay could have known about Murray's alleged flings, or gotten ahold of the photos he supposedly sent them:

Since he posted all this stuff a few girls from OK reached out to him

Can you follow all this? Neither can we. But we're still intrigued, and we still think Brennan Clay should chuck his phone into the nearest lake. Do you know more about the melodramatic love lives of Brennan Clay and "Spray Tan?" We're at tips@deadspin.com.


Photo: AP