I saw The Wrestler on Sunday, the feel-good hit of 2009 that makes steroids fun again. And speaking of steroids, rumor has it that Mickey Rourke took a lot of them.


According to Men's Journal, via the New York Daily News, Rourke all but admitted that he beefed up chemically for the role, which has already won him a Golden Globe for best actor.

Mickey Rourke really did those backflips and rope dives in “The Wrestler,” but probably not without a little help. Though he doubled his daily 80-minute workouts with an Israeli cage fighter and ate seven meals a day, Men’s Journal reports that he most likely took steroids. When asked, Rourke said: “When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler.”

Ah, so that's what Roger Clemens was doing; method acting.

I don't claim to have enjoyed the film as much as a certain Prince Valiant-hairstyled former Deadspin editor — that may not even be humanly possible — but I do agree that it's a great movie; Rourke deserves all the accolades. Is there a separate Oscar category for getting your body punctured with a staple gun? There's also a perfectly lovely scene involving a deli slicer, which we don't see often enough in films these days. Needles, razor blades, staples, deli slicer: Wizard Cat gives this movie, six wands.


Oh, and in accepting his Golden Globe, Rourke thanked his two dogs. That is all kinds of awesome.

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