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Did MLB Network Predict Josh Willingham's Home Run?

Yes, he's the real deal and we'll have more on that later, but did anybody else notice this goof-up/incredible called shot from the boys in the truck?

Fifth inning; Adam Dunn hits a home run. Fine ... but before he's even crossed home plate, the screen flashes a message about Josh Willingham's solo home run. (UPDATE: A young reader named Mookie points out that they also changed the score to 4-2. Dunn was run No. 3.) But Willingham is on deck. A mistake, right? It was, until Willingham launched his own tater over the left field fence in the next at bat.

The goof, of course, is not that the graphics department confused Dunn and Willingham ... it's that they weren't supposed to give away the ending like that! These games are carefully scripted for a reason, people! You think Bud Selig is going to leave a moment this big up to chance? Try not to blow his spot next time, huh?

[Video via MLB Network]

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