Last night in overtime of the Wizards-Bulls game, Kirk Hinrich went to the line with 2.4 seconds left, the score 101-99, and a chance to tie the game. But he missed! How could this be? Last night, we thought it was because he was a clutch gene-free, low-motor choke artist. But today, we may have our answer.

Wizards power forward Nene is quite proficient in basketball, and—we've always assumed—probably other things, too. One of these things, apparently, is the ability to dispel a very loud, Joey Crawfordesque whistle by blowing through his fingers. Nene whistled just as Hinrich shot, and he missed. Is this why the Bulls lost?

Probably not. After all, it's not like Nene showed his bare ass or conjured some curse, sentencing Hinrich to a sad, gray life devoid of championships and swag. But he celebrated like he did, and we can get behind that.

The Wizards lead the series 2-0.